Managed Services

In the world of IT a managed service provider is to local business what an entire IT staff is to a large enterprise.

A provider of managed services will ensure that your entire computer network infrastructure is running at it's optimum, reducing downtime for your business and providing ongoing support all for a fixed monthly fee.

The Concept - What is Managed Services?

Consider the traditional 'break-fix' method of delivering IT services. Your business would only call for help when something was broken. This costs you money in lost productivity, because your workers are stuck waiting until the problem is fixed,which if you have no support agreement, could be days rather than hours.
This is akin to never having your car serviced and wondering why it is always breaking down. To compound the problem, even if your IT support comes in periodically to perform maintenance there is no real incentive for them to keep on top of all your issues.
It is often far more cost effective and far less stressful for a business to use a managed service provider than to stick with a break/fix method.

At System State IT, we provide the customer with two levels of managed services; ProActive and Fully Managed


- Backups: Ensures completion and notifies of failure (Server and licensed Workstations)
- Hardware: Looks for failures or potential failures of elements such as hard drives, memory (RAM) and disk controllers
- Resource Utilisation: Provides alerts for high CPU usage, full disk, and RAM usage
- Device/Network State: Alerts when a printer or other network device (ie router or switch) has gone down
- Warranty/Maintenance Status: We can be alerted when major brands maintenance or warranty period is about to expire
- Printer Status: Including out of ink/paper (dependant on printer type)
- Software: Alerts to out of date software and security patches

End User Reports
- Network Health: The state of workstations and servers on the network (are they firewalled, are they up to date with security fixes)
- Resource Utilisation: Summary of average resource usage in the given month

Fully Managed

A True IT Partnership

Proactive service includes all of the essentials benefits plus the following:
- Security updates and fixes for Microsoft®, antivirus and third party software (such as Java and Flash) updates are pushed out to all servers and workstations in the network
- Operating system and file system integrity checks: Backup integrity checks (Server only)
- Help Desk Support (1300 Phone and ticketing system): Issues based help desk support for any users experiencing issues
- Critical onsite support: onsite technician for any critical issues
- User management: add/remove/replace
- Administration: File permissions settings and changes
- IT project management: one free consultation per month
- Labour to resolve hardware or software issues discovered by monitoring (remote and onsite)
- Labour for replacement of hardware under warranty

A fully managed IT service is seen as a partnership. We are not there to just fix and maintain your network, we are there to help you grow your business.

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