Managed Applications

Is your business tied down to one particular vendor or piece of hardware? Are you locked to some specific software because of a large investment in time, energy and money?

Time to consider our Managed Applications service.

System State IT provides a variety of different software solutions that are hosted in the cloud and fully managed by us. The term 'cloud' is bandied around everywhere nowadays and unfortunately can be the cause of much confusion, but essentially it is all the hardware and software infrastructure required to run your technology off of your premises. This infrastructure is setup, maintained, upgraded and backed up by either System State IT or a third party provider. Basically this means a business pays a monthly fee to access the software it needs, and we take care of the rest.

The Problem

5 years ago...maybe 10, your business was fitted out with a brand spanking new server, which promised the world and cost you the earth. Skip forward to today, and the server isn't looking so flash, in fact it's looking like an upgrade is on the cards.
If you haven't budgeted for it, then the quote for a replacement can come as quite a shock. Many business will either try to keep going until the server actually dies (bad idea), or look for finance from an external lender.

One Solution

Migration to a new server is definitely an option to consider, and for some businesses it is the best solution, but it can be costly upfront and it is important to factor in ongoing essential managed services costs. If your server also acts as your own mail server, chances are you do not have an alternative to fail over in the event your internet connection or server goes down.

The Alternative

Managed Applications have many advantages over that of a traditional locally hosted server setup. Take for instance a CRM and Invoicing Solution, or a Collaboration Suite like Google Apps for Business™

All your email, calendaring, documents and internal company sites are kept in the 'cloud'. These things are all accessible to your staff from any device, anywhere.
Any Device?
Well almost any - from a desktop, to a laptop, to a tablet to a mobile phone - regardless of the operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS), you can access your information.
As long as you have an internet connection then yes. No need to fiddle around with VPN's and remotely accessing the desktop at work so you can find a file or enter some data, making sure you have the correct device on hand etc etc.
On top of all this everything is backed up for you and redundancy is in place to ensure 99.99% uptime.

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