The concept of virtual computing can be confusing and often daunting unless properly understood. One way to understand this concept is to imagine a scenario. Click the headings to expand more info:

The Concept

Imagine a server room that has multiple physical server boxes all sitting together. Each server has a specific function to fulfill and will have an operating system (OS) running on it (think Microsoft® Windows, RedHat® Linux or Mac® OS X Server)
Now imagine you could turn each of those physical servers into a single software file, which could all be opened from just one server.
This is essentially what virtualisation is, it creates 'virtual' computers which behave like real ones.

What's really going on?

So, what are the advantages?

Now imagine you combined the solution of virtualisation with thin/zero client computing, the potential savings of time and money could be enormous!
When your business is next due for an upgrade, think about whether virtualisation may be right for you